Russian megaprojects wanted to give one company


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Chizhenok / Kommersant

Several large mega projects involving the construction of Federal highways, without competition can go to one company. The total value of contracts given to her could amount to almost 140 billion rubles. About this “Vedomosti”, citing a draft government regulation and a source.

We are talking about the group “Natsproekta” joint venture on the web.Of the Russian Federation and Arkady Rotenberg. The group may obtain contracts for the construction of the Far Western bypass of the Krasnodar and bypass the city of Aksai, Rostov region on the part of the route M4 “don”. In addition, another contract without a competition can give the “Transstroymechanizatsiya” (enters into group “Mostotrest” Rothenberg, which was built by the Crimean bridge and the road to it). She has a chance to contract at the site M4 from 715 to 777-km.

The company may soon become part of the “Natsproekta”, writes the newspaper with reference to the representative of Mostotrest, although talks on the works on the M4 is being regardless of the “Natsproekta”, the source said. EBV is also formally not included in the composition of shareholders of “Natsproekta” and has not transferred the assets. This will require another approval of the Supervisory Board, which is headed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Experts warn that with the emergence on the market of the United player, including the state, represented by VEB.Of the Russian Federation, private business will not be able to compete for infrastructure projects. “Fulfilled the worst fears of the market”, — said the head of a construction company. The building that I want to pay for the implementation of only one company, it is extremely interesting for all market participants, as there are currently few projects in the same stage of development and ready to run (with the project documentation and conclusion of Glavgosexpertiza), said a top Manager of another infrastructure company.

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