“Sex education” was saved by a black actor from life on the street


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The show “Sex education” was saved by a black actor Nshuti a Celebration of life on the street. He said this in an interview with The Independent.

The actor, who performed in the series the role of a gay man Eric Effiong, said that before the project was in depression and could not find a job. “The rejection was unbearable. Listening became for me not just a part of acting, and lifeline”, — said 27-year-old Avenue.

He remembered that he also had problems with housing: one friend wanted to give him money for rent and to offer next month free to stay with him. The actor felt that this is a great opportunity to stand up and return the accumulated debts, but the friend decided not to help him. “I was standing on the street alone with my bags and thought, “Well, I’m homeless”,” — said the artist.

According to the Avenue, despite the poverty, he looked flawless and constantly get compliments from others: “When I was losing weight because she ate only once a day, people said that I look slim and healthy.”

The actor believes that if not for the participation in the show, he would not survive the current pandemic. However, he explained that his quarantine is “mostly pretty good”.

“Sex education” — a British TV series Netflix. It is expected that the third season of the show will be released in 2021.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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