Solovyov considered Zelensky Nazi after the question of the Ukrainian journalist Peskov


www.vsyako.netVladimir Solovieva: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov besieged journalist Ukrainian Agency UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk because of the question, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. Video available on the YouTube channel of the program.

According to the presenter, Tsymbalyuk appealed to the representative of the Kremlin complaining that Russian television began to actively use the word “Nazi” to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Green. Soloviev was indignant at this question, stressing that such attitude is not the Kremlin’s position, but agree with his personal position.

“We love the Ukrainian people, we hate the Nazis. And those Nazis who came to power and began prosecutions against the scum that have turned the Maidan into a bloodbath and which brought death in the Donbass, brought death to Odessa and political terror in many cities of Ukraine”, — said the presenter.

He added that Russia is “one finger touch” operating in the country Tsimbalyuk, while colleagues Solovyov in Ukraine “were persecuted, imprisoned, put in the pit, tortured, killed”. The presenter concluded that the Tsimbalyuk should not call himself a journalist because he is a “propagandist of the Nazi machine.”

May 26, Peskov, answering the question about the characteristics of Green, said he had not heard that he was called a Nazi, RIA Novosti reported. “I don’t know who, we have a lot of hotheads on TV, and in addition to the official position, many people expressed and informal positions of personal reasons, analysts, specialists, witnesses of the events,” he said.

May 25, Solov’ev appealed to the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon after received from him the offer to give an interview. In the air of Federal TV channel, he called Gordon a “Nazi scum”, the heir to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, and the Russian media workers — heirs Levitan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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