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Professional actors are told what is happening behind the scenes when filming sex scenes, and shared curiosities, which in this context happen on the set. Thread with their stories on Reddit has collected 13 thousand approving estimates and nearly 1.5 thousand reviews.

User birdwatcher3001 said that the scenes in the bed really is not very sexy. “Instead, we all think through and rehearse, discuss where we touch each other, kiss and so on. In addition, the process is usually coordinated by a special person. If not, then it is very important to know how to speak to the partner and Director you feel uncomfortable,” he said. Shooting even a two-minute episode can take hours, says the actor.

Former actor and now film Director under the name mywifelakshmi said that all participants of the shooting process on the site behave professionally and while shooting sex scenes focused on the disclosure of the nature of the character. “Always used flesh-colored underwear and socks with penis”, he shared his experience.

A user with the nickname oobiedoobieman remembered that he was very alarmed when I read the script of the play and learned that he would have to touch the Breasts of the female partner. “But she was cool. So the next two weeks, that was the idea, her Breasts groped every day and twice on Wednesdays and Sundays,” he described the actor.

According to commentators, behind the scenes there is a lot of strange and unexpected events. For example, morokul said that during filming the sex scenes was sick, because of what he had to deal with diarrhea and constantly running to the toilet. Arifterdarkly remembered how strange it felt at the time when the Director began to read the instructions. “There was a feeling that the parents are in a bathroom with you,” shared the actor.

Stories Reddit user made the user Independent_wishbone to remember about how he once participated in a sex scene during the filming of a student film. “This is the least erotic thing ever. The room was five people, and you’re just trying not to forget, as is usually done. Superweird”, he concluded.

In March, 20-year-old porn star rose Viena (Vienna Rose) warned the other girls from working in the adult industry, and debunked myths about a career in porn. So, she told me that the idea that workers in the sex industry earn a lot of money, is erroneous. In addition, she noted that the life of the figure of the porn industry in Los Angeles is not as luxurious as it seems.

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