The Belarusian Ministry of health accused of failure to report on the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Representatives of the Ministry of health of Belarus more than a month did not communicate with journalists, despite the pandemic coronavirus. The refusal to report on the situation in the country the Agency has accused the edition of “Nasha Niva”.

Journalists paid attention that the last briefing in the Ministry of health was held on April 24. Then the Deputy Minister Elena Bogdan “read prepared information” and refused to answer questions. “It was also the only day when the representative of the Ministry of health has publicly offered condolences to the families of the dead during the epidemic”, — said the publication.

The week before, April 17, held a press-conference with participation of the Minister of health of the Republic Vladimir Carnica and other personnel of the Department. The speakers themselves chose who from journalists will ask questions. According to “Nasha Niva”, in the briefing, Karnik said that the authorities have to understand the cause of death of one of the paramedics. On this the son of the deceased health worker showed the death certificate father listed COVID-19.

“In most European countries during a pandemic, authorized persons of public health services daily inform the public about the situation. Statistics, including the districts, is in other European countries secrets”, — stated in the publication.

According to official data, in Belarus recorded almost 40 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The publication stressed that hospitals in many cities of the country are filled with patients with COVID-19.

The day before, on 27 may, it was reported that Belarus is among the ten leading countries by number of identified infected with the coronavirus by one million people. Above it are Chile, Belgium, Ireland, USA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Spain and Qatar. The total number of infected Republic occupies the 22nd place in the world. The Ministry explained the increase in diagnosed cases of coronavirus, a large number of tests.

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