The debt burden of the Russians reached a record high


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maya Zinkina / “Kommersant”

The debt burden of the Russians established an absolute record. This is stated in the financial stability review prepared by the Bank of Russia.

According to the regulator, the debt load (the amount of required loan payments as a percentage of disposable income) to 1 April 2020 reached 10.9 percent of income. This is the maximum value in the history of observations. For unsecured consumer loans parameter corresponds to the level of 2014, according to the Central Bank.

As noted in the Bank of Russia, almost a quarter have taken loans of Russians (23%) payoffs comprise more than 80 percent of the income.

Russia’s economy has faced an unprecedented shock due to pandemic coronavirus recognize the controller. However, the financial sector is in a healthy condition. Russian credit institutions have large stocks of capital to cover potential losses on loans.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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