The dispute over the WHC reached the Supreme court


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Company “Group-7” filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme court of Russia in the name of the company “AMIK” Alexander Maslyakov’s decision on trademark by KVN. That the controversy surrounding the acronym came before the Supreme judicial body of the country, reports RAPSI with reference to the materials of the court.

In the “Group 7” I think that the WHC as a trademark is subject to copyright not owned by AMIK. According to the act of the patent office, the WHC recognized as well-known trademark in Russia in the name of the company Maslyakov.

The Complainants argue and claim that they are the successors of the original literary works, having the name “Club of cheerful and resourceful” and “KVN”. They also stressed that did not give its consent for the registration of designations of KVN as a trademark.

The lawsuit against the company a leading KVN became known in July 2019. The application filed by relatives of journalist Sergei Muratov, one of the founders of the “club of cheerful and resourceful”.

In November 2019 the court on intellectual rights and on 23 March 2020, and the court of cassation, this court rejected the “group of 7”.

In September 2019, the new owner of the “club of cheerful and resourceful” was Alexander Maslyakov-younger. Its share in the creative Association “AMIK” was up 50 percent, and the share of the former owner, his father, dropped by half to 25.5 per cent. Senior Maslyakov previously owned 51 percent of AMIK.

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