The doctor and nurse quickly got married in the hospital due to coronavirus



Paramedics were married in London, St. Thomas ‘ hospital, UK, the pandemic COVID-19. It is reported by news portal MyLondon.

34-year-old doctor Jann Tipping (Tipping Jann) and 30-year-old nurse Annalen Navaratnam (Annalan Navaratnam), treating the infected with coronavirus patients, hastily got married in located in the hospital chapel. One of the witnesses filmed the ceremony on camera, to see relatives and friends of the bride and groom online.

Tipping and Navaratnam had to postpone the wedding, scheduled for August, in connection with the situation in the country. However, rather than postpone the ceremony until a later date, they decided to get married early. “We wanted to arrange everything and nobody got sick. Even despite the fact that our loved ones had to be watching us through the screens. But we wanted to celebrate it while we still can,” — said the bride.

According to Navaratnam, the priests had experienced difficulty in obtaining permission to conduct the ceremony. The lovers had two weeks to prepare for the wedding. “When we found out the date, I have still had no wedding dress, no rings and other paraphernalia. We had to act quickly,” she says. As a result, the celebration took place in the intimate and romantic atmosphere.

“St Thomas’ hospital is an important place for us, especially for me since I’ve been here for the last six years. Another reason why it was so important for both of us,” says Navaratnam. New husband described their wedding as “a great event in a very turbulent time.”

In April it was reported that a nurse from the intensive care unit of the hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei province, proposing to a colleague two months working in a hospital for infected with coronavirus patients. He said that he fell in love with a nurse during the day and work to save patients.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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