The health Ministry warned of a possible sharp deterioration in pregnant women with COVID-19


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Condition infected with coronavirus pregnant women can deteriorate rapidly and reach critical, despite the stable course of the disease. This is stated in the second version of the recommendations of the Ministry of health to provide health care for pregnant women, new mothers and newborns with COVID-19.

The document says that systematic monitoring of 108 infected pregnant women have shown that they have an increased risk of severe complications. The likelihood of hospitalization in the ICU is higher than other cases. The group most at risk are women with concomitant diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular system, problems with obesity, immune system, kidneys and liver.

Most of the symptoms of pregnant women meet cough and fever, rarely — fatigue, diarrhea, shortness of breath, myalgia and sore throat. Among the common complication called a miscarriage (two percent of cases), growth retardation fetal distress fetal (ten per cent), premature births (21-39 percent). 91 percent of patients in the different indications given birth by caesarean section. Can a mother transmit the virus to child during pregnancy or delivery, it is unclear, added the Ministry.

If the disease is transferred in the mild or asymptomatic form, for mothers to be advised to do an ultrasound every four weeks.

According to the health Ministry, in Russia the coronavirus was diagnosed in two thousand pregnant women, 800 of them located in Moscow.

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