The richest man in the world revealed the secret of success


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The head of the Amazon and the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos revealed the secret of a successful business. According to him, before formulating a development business for 10 years, you must first ask the question about the key points of the company’s strategy, which will not change throughout a given period. He said this at the annual meeting of Amazon shareholders, says business Insider.

Bezos explained that when forming a long-term strategy to highlight “main dogma”, from which the company will be able to build for decades. According to the billionaire, Amazon is one of those principles is the constant attention to customers.

The “center of it all is the obsession with consumers, not competitors… If you are obsessed with competition and achieved market leadership, it is very easy to lose the motivation to develop further. You already ahead of everyone, so why try? Obsession same consumers is more long term motivation, because customers are always dissatisfied and always looking for a product better than yours”, he said.

Previous among the dogmas of Amazon Bezos also called low prices, fast delivery, wide assortment, as these things customers want on a regular basis. According to Bezos, the idea of a “main dogma” derived other aspects of corporate culture such as patience, ingenuity, and lack of fear to fail.

The founder of Amazon has earned over the last two months of 29.9 billion dollars. His total condition was 145.4 billion dollars. Entrepreneur in a few years may become the world’s first trillionaire.

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