The Russian industry has offered to run alcohol


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The Ministry of Finance refused the printing industry in all the support measures in a situation of economic crisis, with the exception of one. We are talking about a ban on the export of isopropyl alcohol, which is used when printing. This is stated in the response agencies for appropriate treatment of the National Union of publishers (NSP).

The organization in April proposed a rescue plan of enterprises. It said to stop with the help of protective duties the import of finished printing, the abolition of duties on the import of goods for its production, the introduction of tax holidays and the reduction in VAT on the production and sale of up to 10 percent.

The Department indicated that the idea to increase tariffs against the rules of the world trade organization (WTO), the abolition of other fees will hit the budget and the VAT reduction “not provided”.

The initiative isopropyl alcohol, the Ministry of Finance is ready to approve only in the case of a positive conclusion of the specialized Agency, i.e. the Ministry of industry and trade.

According to “Kommersant”, alcohol and so can not be exported outside the EAEU from late April until 30 September because it is used in the manufacture of antiseptics. Because of this prices increased almost three times.

However, as pointed out by printers, the restriction on its export, even if it will lead to lower prices, will not have a significant impact on the industry because alcohol is a very small expense. The General Director of “Pareto-Print” Pavel Arseniev said that the company was included in the list of strategic enterprises, but no help received. To be saved is through commercial loans on normal conditions, and exemptions for taxes no.

Informed sources in the government said that the plan of salvation of the Russian economy in 2020-2021 years will cost eight billion rubles.

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