The Russians refused to believe the epidemic of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

A third of respondents (32.8 per cent) believes the danger of an epidemic of coronavirus exaggerated, or consider it a fiction of stakeholders. this is evidenced by the research Directorate of expert-analytical work of Higher school of Economics, the content of lead belonging to Gregory Berezkin RBC.

While 23.2 percent of survey participants refused to believe in the existence of the epidemic, and another 9.6 percent think the danger is exaggerated. By the end of may, a quarter of respondents (25.6 per cent) believe that the peak is yet to come, and 16.3 percent sure passed the peak.

According to the researchers, the behavior of a group of Russians who do not believe in the epidemic or consider it a fabrication of interested parties, is fundamentally different from the behavior of those who recognize the epidemic. Of those who do not believe in the epidemic, with 43 percent visiting family and more than half (54 percent) goes for a walk. Three quarters (74,22%) of respondents of the skeptics believe that the introduction of the regime of self-isolation was not necessary.

Only 18 percent of those who accepts the existence of an epidemic, visits their relatives. Less than 12 percent of the respondents see their friends. However, only 10 percent believe that the introduction of the regime of self-isolation was not necessary.

In late April, about 60 percent of Russians supported the imposition of harsh restrictive measures against coronavirus infection. In this case, every fourth Russian (25%) predicted the weakening of measures to combat the coronavirus during the month of June.

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