The Russians revealed the secrets of raising children in isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tatiana Proud / “Kommersant”

Adults should take children not only games, but also economic Affairs, to direct their energies to a peaceful course for the duration of mode isolation. The secrets of raising children during the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus, revealed in an interview with “the” psychologist and Director of the Moscow service for psychological help Nina Petrochenko.

According to her, children should be with their parents not only to play but to solve any tasks associated with housework. “In domestic Affairs, it is recommended to include all family members. And need to do so that was interesting to both adults and children,” said the psychologist.

Petrochenko also noted that adults should not succumb to whims of the child, considering that it is hard to survive the isolation. “Children have a more flexible mind, so do not say: “Oh, poor, poor children.” Kids feel very good when you can sit the parents on the neck, dangling legs and capricious”, she said.

According to psychologist parents who are forced to work remotely, must clearly explain to your child why they need time to calm performance of their professional duties. “They need to engage their professional responsibilities, to help the child understand the parents are thinking about how to make money, to make enough money on his whims, including. Therefore it is better not to interfere”, — said the expert.

Earlier Petrochenko gave the Russians the Council on combating loneliness during isolation. According to her, those who live alone, should be given more time to self-education and volunteer activities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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