“Ural pelmeni” has sued the former Director of the collective two million rubles


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The intellectual property rights court sided with the participants of humorous group “Ural dumplings” in a lawsuit against the former Director Sergei Natascha. As reported URA.RU they got about two million rubles for the illegal use of recorded programs.

The reason for the suit was the provision of the STS channel the rights to broadcast 12 archival programs, despite the fact that the terms of the license expired. Six artists — Sergey Ershov, Sergey Isaev Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Dmitry Breadin, Alexander Popov and Dmitry Sokolov has demanded compensation for 1.95 million rubles.

The Respondent was a company “idee Fixe Media”, the financial Director which is Nitievskiy. The courts of first and second instance recognized the right to compensation. The company in reply has filed an appeal, but the third instance court also sided with the “Ural dumplings.”

The Director of the show Evgeny Orlov said that in this way they “put an end to the conflict.” Nitievskiy explained that the meeting was held online, so the further actions of the company he will be able to tell only after studying the court ruling.

At the end of April, the Moscow Arbitration court has registered two lawsuits by a former Director of the team Sergey Natascha. He demanded a total of more than 71 million rubles, the company established eight participants of the show.

The conflict in “the Ural pelmeni” has received wide publicity in 2015, when Natascha fired. On versions of the new leader, Sergei Isayev, the cause was theft. Nitievskiy denies the accusations, calling them slander.

The trademark “Ural dumplings” and the right to stamp in the litigation is left for the actors of the show. Nitievskiy sued creative enterprises the right to archive transfer.

“Ural pelmeni” — a humorous band from Yekaterinburg, produces a show on channel STS. The basis of the project — former members of the eponymous team of KVN. Nitievskiy led the team since 1998, and with the advent of the transfer on STS worked as the Director and producer team.

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