Xiaomi has started to test the network 6G


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Xiaomi started the preliminary tests of the network 6G. About it in interview to the Chinese Agency “Xinhua” said founder and CEO lei Jun (Lei Jun).

According to Jun, the smartphone maker and technology for the home is interested in the development of the communication standard of new generation. The businessman did not disclose detailed information about the ongoing tests, but noted that Xiaomi launched the research networking 6G. Lei Jun also stressed that the development of the standard sixth generation is impossible without the deployment of vast networks of satellite Internet.

In the context of 5G, the head of Xiaomi has indicated that the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on the development of the industry worldwide. The businessman noted that the company intends to continue to produce smartphones with support for 5G in order to “protect” the Chinese market and organize international expansion Xiaomi. “Apparatus 5G is designed to meet the needs of the Chinese market,” said Jun.

The founder of the Chinese company said that the introduction of 5G will significantly improve the lives of people. As an example, he cited the popularization of streaming video at a resolution of 8K and the emergence of a new type of conferencing, the explosive development of the cloud gaming, and Autonomous driving. Lei Jun said that his company is not interested in the production of smartphones that support current 4G communication standard.

According to the assessment of Australian scientists, the speed of data transmission in networks of the sixth generation can achieve one terabit per second. With the advent of 5G experts have predicted a revolution in technical progress and the achievement of high integration of technology and the human brain.

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