Zuckerberg praised the marking trump’s tweets as inauthentic


www.vsyako.netMark Tsukerbergom: Andreas Gebert / Reuters

The Creator of the social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg, criticized Twitter for the marking of multiple tweets of the President of the United States Donald trump as false. He told Fox News.

In his opinion, private companies representing the users of digital platforms for discussions, should not act as “arbiter of truth”. “I think we [in Facebook] a different policy than, I think, on Twitter,” admitted Zuckerberg. Speaking about trump’s intention to control the social network, the entrepreneur noted that “the decision to censor the platform, because the government is concerned about the censorship, it seems not quite the right idea.”

27 may Twitter by several publications trump there were reports of the falsification of information. The leader of the country wrote that postal voting would lead to large-scale fraud and forgery of ballots. Blue exclamation mark under tweet of the head of state about the procedure for voting by mail means that, according to Twitter, the text contains unsubstantiated claims and inaccurate information.

The American leader has accused Twitter of “stifling free speech” and of meddling in the presidential election. He later admitted that he planned to close the social network due to manipulation against supporters of conservative views.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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