A feral cat ate 17 endangered lizards


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Department of Conservation

Wild cat 17 endangered lizards in the stomach was found on the spit Ketoret in Canterbury on the South island of New Zealand. This is the website of the Daily Mail.

The caretaker of this area during routine bypass found trapped a wild cat and examined the contents of her stomach. Inside he found 17 of lizards belonging to the species under threat of extinction.

The Department of conservation chose not to disclose what types of lizards was discovered, because they are afraid of reptiles smugglers.

On the spit Ketoret roam about 200 feral cats that endanger the lives of other animals under threat of extinction. Lizards are more vulnerable in winter, when they begin to actively hunt feral cats.

Endangered birds, insects and plants are also exposed to danger from these predators.

Feral cats are invasive species in Australia and New Zealand. They are considered pests.

Earlier it was reported that scientists in the Australian reserve recorded on camera large wild cat that was carried in the teeth of a large sand lizard. Animal recorded camera for shooting wildlife who established scientists to study the process of decomposition of dead animals in the desert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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