A flight attendant accused the airline of inciting a second wave of coronavirus


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Flight attendant American airlines, American Airlines said that the leadership prevents employee use of personal protective equipment during operation and thus able to ignite the second wave of the coronavirus. About it writes Daily Mail.

“These carriers, like mine, are going to cause another destructive wave of this deadly virus because we do not give the appropriate PPE to wear”, she said. According to flight attendants, during the flight she literally sees how the virus is “like a forest fire spreading through the cabin”.

The interviewee also told the publication that one of the first flights after a long break due to the outbreak of the disease took a selfie in a protective mask, plastic, and shared it on the page in social networks.

After some time the user gave her a reprimand and stated that the masks do not meet the standards of appearance of the crew and makes passengers feel uncomfortable. Later, the flight attendants of American Airlines even banned the wearing of PPE, explaining that they allegedly “may pose a threat to security, hindering the response of crew members to an emergency”.

In turn, the Federal office of civil aviation USA, the publication stated that there is no need to pre-approve the use of PPE by flight attendants, if it does not interfere with the performance of their duties.

19 may it was reported that the flight attendant for Irish airline Aer Lingus, returning to work after the stabilization of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, spoke about the oddities during the first flight. According to flight attendants, Dublin airport seemed “eerily quiet”, and in the harbors of the United States upon arrival, was “no less scary”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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