Blogger refused the child with autism three years after adoption


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Blogger Mike Schaffer (Myka Stauffer) on your YouTube channel that is subscribed to 716 thousand users, has announced that he refuses to child with autism, which she and her husband adopted three years ago. She explained that a boy born in China, needs special care.

Staffer admitted that he feels “500 percent of the failed mother.” She explained that in the past year, the boy named Huxley needed more intensive care and special care. Also during this time, the family learned the details about his health that were not reported in the adoption process.

She was forced to return the child, which was brought up in 2017, the adoption Agency, which has already picked up Huxley new family. His adoptive mother has the requisite medical knowledge to educate the boy.

BuzzFeed writes that the solution to Staffer caused the network considerable debate about the ethics of her action. The publication notes that before Huxley became a member of her family, the woman made him the Central character of your blog. In particular, it is in detail described the details of the adoption, and after the completion of the procedure showed in the video with the monetization of virtually his every step. This brought her a lot of subscribers, note the journalists. Staffer also served as an expert and an advocate for international adoption.

On Twitter, many users suspected that Staffer used a child from China in order to gain popularity on YouTube. In particular, Usera @thatbonnielass7 said the woman escaped from him as from “unwanted pet”. The lady @lexi4prez wrote: “Wait, white utubers really returned the child with autism from China, because to educate it was too difficult?! Children are not toys and not animals.” However, other users of Twitter and YouTube sympathized with the family and expressed concern about the fate of the child.

The woman and her husband are raising four children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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