Blogger told about the deception of the producer Sobchak


www.vsyako.netAlain Pogrebnyakov: @alena.pogrebnyak

Blogger Alain Pogrebnyak told how tried to rent the plot for the YouTube-show leading Ksenia Sobchak on the work during the period of self-isolation of underground restaurants, beauty salons and fitness clubs. In the end, she was faced with the deception of the producer, as told on the channel.

According to Pogrebnyak, with her through the Agency contacted producer Sobchak offer to shoot a story with the address of its channel. He gave her a list of places in which it was necessary to conduct the shoot. The material blogger had to send the next day.

Blogger who calls herself “revizorro beauty salons”, said that he was surprised that the list was not a single beauty salon. However, she pointed out that the conduct discreet shooting, for example, on the fitness would be impossible. “Then I realized that the customer wasn’t trying to make me feel comfortable. The bloodier, the more interesting,” said Pogrebnyak.

Nevertheless the producer calmed the woman, and she agreed to take the job. She managed to capture one seat, after which she called the restaurant from the list, where she said food can only be taken away. “I called the producer. It I got a page where, apparently, there are some code words. I call back to the restaurant, speak it, but I again send,” — said the blogger. After that, the representative Sobchak has promised that she will book his colleagues.

Pogrebnyak and her husband arrived at the specified time and was in a closed building. “It is evident that through the main entrance no one goes” — described by blogger. On the advice of a producer, they went to the back door where they were met by the security guard. He called a Manager who said to go to a restaurant will not work: it only works for delivery. “However, we were assured that the reservation,” said Pogrebnyak. In the end, inside they never came out and claim blogers, the producer said, already looking for a new address.

“Maybe they wanted us to just “unceremoniously” to throw. And there will be empty or not empty” — suggested Pogrebnyak, noting that her requests to check the relevance of the reservation went unheeded. In the end, the woman and her husband went home, and all the rest of the footage it was canceled. The producer sent her apologies, however further work with a team Sobchak blogger refused.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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