Described the damage from the riots in US cities over the death of a black


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U.S. law enforcement authorities described the damage from the riots in US cities over the death of a black George Floyd. It is reported by CNN.

It is known that in two cities of Minnesota — Minneapolis and neighboring St. Paul were looted big stores. Militiamen had to apply against participants with tear gas and light and sound grenades.

The police of St. Paul announced on Twitter that more than 170 businesses were damaged or looted, the city had recorded dozens of fires.

It is noted that the Minneapolis firefighters because of the threat to their safety had to work under the guise of National guard troops. rotesti were held in eight cities of the country — the largest in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In addition, we are talking about are located in different States, Louisville, Phoenix, Denver, Columbus, Memphis and new York.

The protests erupted on may 26 in Minneapolis due to the arrest of Floyd by the police. He died during the arrest, carried out with the use of force. The next day took to the streets hundreds of people, many of them wearing masks with the words “I can’t breathe” — these words tell the cops the victim.

The peaceful demonstration turned into a riot with the burning of buildings. At the request of the Governor of Minnesota Tim Walsh in the city, the troops were introduced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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