Dissatisfied with their figure woman overcame fear and changed


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A resident of the Australian city of Melbourne lost 11 kilos in eight months thanks to diet and physical activity and completely changed. This is the website of the Daily Mail.

36-year-old Julie meadows (Meadows Julia), the mother of two children was unhappy with her figure and struggled with depression and self-doubt. She decided to change her life and enrolled in a popular in Australia program for weight loss once saw presented on their website examples of transformations.

“I saw examples of the amazing changes that have subscribed to the local group for runners and fitness classes and beginning to stick to the proposed meal plan” she said. Meadows said that she was scared to go to class, but she overcame their fear and began to notice changes in your body after only three weeks after the start of classes and change of diet.

Most of her losing weight influenced by reducing the amount of sugar. Harmful desserts and ice cream she had replaced the fruit and natural yogurt. In the meadows eating Breakfast smoothies with berries, bananas and oatmeal, then a snack with a Cup of tea with Greek yogurt and fruit. For lunch, she eats leftovers from last night’s dinner such as chicken and salad.

The next meal the woman eats a few boiled eggs, nuts or rice crackers with peanut butter, and for dinner Mexican lasagna Bolognese or something of her favorite dishes. “I drink about three liters of water a day, and it made my skin much more healthy and smooth”, she said.

Meadows said that the process of losing weight motivate her photos to start the program and after. They are necessary, as the weight may temporarily not change, although visible changes are still there. “I learned that the scales don’t always tell the truth, and now I look at before and after pictures to understand what I have achieved,” she explained.

According to the woman, it is important to regularly change the exercises to keep the motivation. “It doesn’t always have to be walking, running or exercise. Jump on the trampoline, to dance with the kids or run them through the game center — the best way to stay active — plus it’s really fun,” said meadows.

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