“Forever young” 53-year-old woman revealed the secret of its appeal


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Elizabeth Resnick

A resident of harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is in high attention of men at the age of 53, revealed the secret of its appeal. Her words quoted by The Mirror.

53-year-old coach at healthy lifestyles, influencer social networks and the barmaid part-time Elizabeth Resnick has always been a good figure, but the woman had suffered from chronic cystic acne and was very shy about it. She did not help even a vegetarian diet, which she considered the most healthy lifestyle possible.

When she was about 30 years old, she had her children. After their birth she managed to avoid weight gain, but still was not in as good shape as before.

In 2012, Resnick discovered the Paleolithic diet, also known as the diet of cavemen. This eating plan involves eating those foods that, presumably, was available to cavemen.

“I heard that some people clean the skin, abandoning grains, dairy products and sugar. At the time I was ready to try anything. I went to paleodiet, and my skin cleared up almost immediately. I have more energy and improved muscle tone, so I was able to exercise at home,” he told Resnick.

Due to their appearance, enthusiasm and attitude to life of the woman is enjoying the increased attention of men. “Come to me men of all ages, including students, but usually the ones who are over about 35 years. Most of them are very respectful, so I just consider it flattery,” she said.

According to blogers, she gets a lot of private messages in Instagram in which men Express interest in her. “I just erase them. I’m too busy with business, to engage in dialogue with those I don’t know and with whom I had nothing to do. But the attention is still nice,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of London, has two grown daughters and two grandchildren and revealed the secrets of her beauty. 57-year-old model noticed a huge change when the doctor prescribed her the hormone estradiol.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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