In Dagestan will repair 90 kilometres of roads


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

In Dagestan in 2020 will repair almost 90 kilometers of roads of regional importance, and road network. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of transport and road facilities of the Republic.

It was said that more than 30 miles of trails will be repaired in the framework of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. It is planned to bring up to standard the five roads of regional significance. Repairs on sections of “Maras — Tashkapur — Arakan bridge”, “Makhachkala detour through the village of Talgi”, “Manas Zelenogorsk Airport” and “Makhachkala — Buynaksk — Levashi — Upper Gunib”. It will spend 853,3 million rubles.

“Just for 2020 in the framework of the project “Road network” will bring up to standard as 87.8 km of regional motorways and the road network with a total funding of 1.54 billion roubles. Including Makhachkala — 57,2 km”, — said the Ministry of transport of Dagestan.

The modernisation of regional road network — one of the key goals of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. In its framework, should increase the share of roads of regional significance to 50.9 percent, will be eliminated half of the places of concentration of accidents, doubled the proportion of length of roads of urban agglomerations in good condition, 10 percent reduced the proportion of overloaded Federal and regional highways.

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