In Iran suspected the onset of coronavirus in the month before the epidemic


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In Iran, opponents of the regime suspected the emergence of a coronavirus in a month before the official announcement of the epidemic. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Noted, coronavirus, for the first time could appear in Iran at the Chinese Embassy. Appeared in a newspaper critical of the ambulance service indicate that three employees of the Chinese Embassy were hospitalized with symptoms COVID-19 28 Jan 2020. The authorities of Iran deny this diagnosis diplomats. It is emphasized that about the first official case of infection with coronavirus in the city of Qom said February 19.

In addition, The Daily Mail questioned the real mortality due COVID-19 in Iran. Activists of the “National Council of resistance of Iran” (NCRI, political organization, based in France and Albania) believe that the coronavirus could take the lives of more than 43 thousand people 7627 is declared dead. The publication also points out that recently in the Internet there are several similar videos of alleged victims of coronavirus. The footage shows how people fall on the street and in public transport in several places across the country, some choking.

At the end of April it was established that the first death from causes related to SARS-CoV-2, on U.S. soil was more than three weeks before the official announcement. The autopsy results showed that two patients caused by a coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19 died in California 6 and 17 February. Previously it was thought that the first death happened in Washington state on February 29.

According to the latest data, in total in the world are infected with coronavirus, about 5.8 million people. Of these, more than 361 thousand died and over 2.4 million have been cured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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