In Russia want to introduce recycling of food waste by 2022



In the state Duma is considering the possibility to forbid to send food waste to landfill instead recycle them and get useful resources. The proposal to amend the government’s resolution sent to the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to “Izvestia”.

The essence of the initiative is to get companies to treat unclaimed products packaged as food waste. Then manufacturers, retailers and caterers will have to consider the real market requests, to sell the surplus at a discount or give away food to charity, and overdue items to send for recycling. This prohibition will not apply to mixed waste that is thrown away by ordinary citizens.

The idea is supported in the profile Committee of the state Duma and the accounting chamber. It is assumed that in the case of the bill new provisions will take effect from January 2022, then the sectoral managers will have time to adapt.

The auditor of the accounts chamber Mikhail Men in conversation with the newspaper said that Russia already has the infrastructure for such waste management is in its infancy, and this gap will have to develop. The expert platform onf “Housing and the urban environment” Paul Sclancy noted that in some Russian regions, is already the practice of the installation of compost bins and special containers in the yards. In the future, this system could reduce expenses of tenants for the maintenance of the house.

Now about 50 percent of all waste is made of food waste. In the process of putrefaction they produce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane that cause the greenhouse effect and landfills which produce the stench. If to restrict the import of such wastes to landfills, it will relieve the system, and will not have to create new garbage points.

As a result of processing of organic matter produces compost, fertilizer, biogas and animal feed. Such waste recycling technology has moved into Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, some States of the USA.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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