Kravchuk said that the only way to stop the “aggressive case” Russia


www.vsyako.netLeonid Kravchuchka:

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said that the only way to stop the “aggressive case” Russia in the world — tough and unified action by the international coalition. He told about it in interview to the edition “Gordon”.

According to him, Russia is now involved “in the six military hot spots of the world”, justifying their actions with noble goals while ignoring the international law.

“She even writes in the Constitution that international agreements binding on Russia when they meet with their national law. Think about it. All, in such a situation, international agreements of international organizations – the UN Security Council, OSCE and so on – are just a sham,” — said Kravchuk.

He added that he is strongly opposed to insults at the level of presidents. Kravchuk believes that the presidents of Ukraine and Russia Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin are defending their people, they must negotiate without the “Bazaar”.

At the same time he added that he would start the conversation with Putin with the following words: “You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, like when blood is shed people? You are a humanist or are you a person who likes when people are dying? (…). When you are somewhere in Moscow poisoned people somewhere in the Caucasus children were killed, did not agree to anything, “let the children die and women”… I came to the conclusion that you like the death of people. This is the worst that can be. I suggest you to change your views or leave.”

Relations between Kyiv and Moscow deteriorated sharply in 2014 after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and the beginning of the armed conflict in the Donbass. Ukraine regularly accuses Russia of involvement in the fighting in the South-East of its territory. Moscow denies all the charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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