Named seven possible types of rash with the coronavirus


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Associate Professor of the Department of skin and venereal diseases of the faculty of advanced training of medical workers, peoples ‘ friendship University Olga Zhukova described the types of rashes that can occur in the coronavirus. Her words convey “news”.

Of skin diseases associated with the coronavirus, was studied by specialists of the Moscow scientific-practical center of dermatology and cosmetology, Russian national research medical University them. Pirogov and PFUR. They can be divided into seven kinds: angiitis (inflammation of blood vessels), papules, vesicular lesions, papules-squamous rash, morbilliform rash, drug reaction, urticaria and trophic changes in the tissues of the face.

It is argued that all these types of rashes caused by coronavirus, it is still not possible, said the dermatologist-oncologist Natalia Shepilov. They may be associated with the use of drugs to treat the infection.

In April, Italian and Spanish doctors called rash on legs one of the symptoms of novel coronavirus infection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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