Named the date of the presentation of the PlayStation 5


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Sony has announced a presentation focusing on the PlayStation 5. The event will take place on 4 June at 23:00 GMT.

Edition of Bloomberg and VentureBeat point out that June is the traditional month for big game releases, and it is expected that the PlayStation 5 will be presented on this day. Sony is planning to organize online broadcast of the future presentation. According to another version, this day will be presented starting games for the PS5 that will be available with the release of consoles.

The sides of the journals have noticed that there are a few scenarios of the event, according to one of the Japanese manufacturer will introduce the PlayStation 5. Also the date may be officially announced about the console output, but the price can be hidden. This is because top managers of Sony have not yet determined the cost of new items.

Bloomberg reminded that June is the traditional month for the gaming conference E3, excellent this year. In this regard, the producers of consoles and games reviewing their summer plans and budgets of advertising campaigns. If Sony will introduce a new console in June at the end of summer can be presented to gaming exclusives for the console. The official release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox competitive model X Series is scheduled for late 2020.

Informed financial analysts predicted the release of GTA VI on the basis of the planned publisher of the game marketing expenses. According to the observations of experts, the company Take-Two Interactive (which owns Rockstar Games) in the period April 2023 to March 2024 is planning to spend up to 89 million dollars on advertising and promotion of products. Analysts believe that this time range will be presented a new part of the GTA.

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