Popular resorts have found ways to control the tourists on the beaches of pandemic


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In Spain have found new ways to control the observance by tourists of social distancing on the beaches during a pandemic coronavirus. About this newspaper The Sun.

According to the tabloid, the mayor of Benidorm Tony Perez (Toni Perez) has instructed officials to develop a plan for dividing the beach into sections, to keep tourists from each other and thereby protect against infection. The entrances to the beaches and the number of people will be controlled with the use of modern technology.

In Lloret de Mar (one of the most popular resorts of Costa Brava) beaches were divided into sectors for tourists of different ages and social groups. According to the mayor of the city of Delicata Jaume (Jaume Dulsat), there will be a special area for retirees, families and adults without children. To ensure compliance with the rules on two beaches of the resort will employ more than 30 employees of the security service.

Authority of the city of Tarragona has decided to limit the stay of tourists on the beaches in a pandemic. Local officials urged people to reduce the time of the visit to three hours, so that everyone had the opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the sea.

Earlier it was reported that the resorts of Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, introduced on the beaches of the pre-booking of seats. The developers believe that the system will be convenient for tourists, and for the authorities who will act as “passive control” order in public areas after they are open for locals and tourists.

In addition, it was reported that on the coasts of several Spanish resorts began to install special sensors that will monitor the number of tourists, and then through the application to inform people about the most and least populated districts.

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