Revealed numerous allegations involved in the death of a black police officer


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On police officer Derek Chauvin, who was involved in the death of a black George Floyd in the U.S. city of Minneapolis (Minnesota), complained 18 times for his years of service. This information was revealed to the newspaper the Independent, which cites data from the police Department of Minneapolis.

The publication stresses the lack of official data on 19-year-old career Savena. However, we know that of the many complaints against him, only two ended in a disciplinary punishment. Furthermore, it is known that before the episode with Floyd suture has already been implicated in several incidents involving weapons. Another police officer That Tao, also involved in the death of Floyd, was made six complaints.

27 may it was reported that four police officers Minneapolis, USA, was fired after the incident with the detention of crying for the help of dark-skinned men, who later died. Initially, the city police reported that the arrested man had “physical resistance” to the police. Later the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey said that as the disclosure of additional information”, it became clear that the initial information was not accurate.”

Before that, on 26 may, the network got a video of the detention of black men by police. The footage shows a police officer pressed a knee in the neck of a detainee who moaned and asked for help. “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe don’t kill me!” shouted Floyd. The man also shouted that he had a stomachache and neck and asked for water. Soon after the incident, the man died. This episode led to mass protests in Minneapolis, which continues for the third day in a row.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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