Roman Villa found after 100 years of searching


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In the Italian commune of Negrar Valpolicella located near Verona, found a well-preserved Roman mosaic. Archaeologists suggest that they were able to detect fragments of the floor of the Villa, which they searched for in 1922. About it reports The Local.

Mosaic unearthed under the vines. The search for an ancient complex of buildings was conducted over almost 100 years, in 2019 their resumes. In February of this year, archaeologists have again begun excavations, but were forced to stop work due to pandemic coronavirus. Returning to the site in may, they finally found the fragments of a Villa at few meters under the ground.

Discovered mosaic is in excellent condition, the newspaper notes. By assumption, the chief archaeologist of the province of Verona Gianni de Zuccato, other fragments of the ancient complex can be detected on the area about thousand square metres.

Earlier in may, the Norwegian steam from Bodø found the grave of the Viking age during the renovation of their home. The discovery, according to experts, more than a thousand years. The discovery was made at the opening of the floor in the bedroom that the wife was going to insulate.

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