Russia warned about the risks of reducing funding for 5G


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ivan Vodopyanov / “Kommersant”

In case of reduction of government funding the development of 5G technology in Russia linger on for several years. About these risks warned the Corporation in a letter sent to the Ministry, reports TASS.

As explained in state Corporation, in 2020, the year on the development of 5G, in particular on the establishment of base stations, it is planned to allocate only 2.4 billion rubles instead of the previously reported 4.3 billion. As a result, by 2024, the company will be able to create 20 thousand base stations as planned, but only 5 thousand. In addition, I believe in Assistance, cuts in funding will affect the implementation of the objectives of the national project “Digital economy” as a whole.

“In order to achieve all the key outcomes and implementation of the development potential of high tech regions in the Russian Federation is required to provide funding for the implementation of the road maps “of Mobile communication of the fifth generation” and “Quantum sensors” in full without sequestration funding” — called in the Corporation.

The introduction in Russia of 5G networks is provided by the national project “Digital economy”, which is being implemented in the country at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin. Only its implementation is planned to allocate more than 1.8 trillion rubles. In particular, it implies an increase of internal costs for the development of the digital economy at the expense of all sources, the creation of sustainable and secure information and telecommunications infrastructure for high speed transmission, processing and storage of large amounts of data, as well as the transfer of government agencies and organizations to use mainly software developed in Russia.

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