Russian official boasted to the lack of hunger deaths in the region


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Ekaterina Kochetova in Facebook

The Minister of economy of Buryatia Republic Ekaterina Kochetova showed the absence of starvation in the region, saying that “no one have starved to death”. She later apologized for his words and explained that meant on his page in Facebook.

“To say that the population has no money — it is not. All measures of support from the Federal budget and regional. No one have starved to death,” said Kochetova at the meeting on budget, taxes and Finance, answering the question of the local MP Igor Bobkov on ensuring the population with food. Words of the official results of the regional edition “arig Us”.

Kochetova later wrote that he intended to highlight the operational introduction of measures to support the economy and citizens. For his “emotional report” the official apologized to residents of the region who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Earlier in the Saratov region, a local official Lydia Bukowczyk commented on the social network entry on financial assistance to families with children, describing the time until the parent capital in Russia with the words “never before had money for the birth of children were not given and lived, not whined”. In her opinion, instead of issuing a referendum in South Ossetia the government should help pensioners. In fact, the official statements were audited. As a result, Bukowczyk has dismissed the acting Director of the Center for youth initiatives.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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