Stabbing at home of the Botox women warned of terrible consequences


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Experts have revealed the terrible consequences of cosmetic procedures done at home because of widespread mode of self-isolation. This reports the Metro.

Plastic surgeon and co-founder of the cosmetology organization Uvence Dr. Oliver Omar (Oliver Omar) noted that some patients experience stress because of the lack of the ability to go to the beautician. As a result, they resort to self-attempts to put in order their appearance using fillers and Botox.

“The use of special devices without professional skills can bring more harm than good. The device or the drug may not be suitable for your skin type. Besides, a serious problem is the risk of blood infection, scarring and tumors,” warns Omar stabbing at home of the Botox women.

According to the publication, the organization Save Face received more than 65 complaints about companies that offer private cosmetic treatments and devices, advertising them on social networks from March 2020.

The expert recommends not to use separate cosmetic procedures and wait the required service can be obtained in the accredited medical institutions.

In April, the English dermatologist Latif faheem (Faheem Latheef) revealed the danger of the tattoos made at home in isolation. According to him, this activity is unsafe, and due to the lack of reliable sterilization can lead to serious health problems: allergies, blood poisoning, various infections and viruses.

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