Strangled black in the arrest of an American police officer taken into custody


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Strangled black George Floyd when arrested in the U.S. Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was taken into custody, according to Fox 40, citing local law enforcement agencies.

Earlier on may 29, released video of the rough arrest: it can be seen that in addition to Chauvin, who was aimasho knee on the neck of the prisoner, an African American was holding two more policemen. All four officers involved in the incident, was fired from the police.

Earlier it became known that Chauvin, who was working in the police in Minneapolis for 19 years, complained 18 times for his years of service. In addition, in the past he was involved in several incidents with use of weapons.

46-year-old security guard, George Floyd was arrested may 25, near the grocery store. He allegedly paid with a fake cheque. Law enforcement officers dragged him from the car and laid on the pavement, one of them roughly crushed citizen with his knee, and he does not resist and began to complain that he can’t breathe. In a short time the prisoner died from strangulation.

All three days in Minneapolis and several other cities protests: demonstrators smash the streets, looting stores and burning cars and buildings. Injured more than 170 companies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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