Survivors of the mass murder of soldiers of the national guard under Ukraine told about the tragedy


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Vadim fedyunin, the sole survivor in the massacre in the village of Novoselytsia in Zhytomyr region on may 22, when the tenant of a pond killed seven people, including soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine, told his version of the tragedy. About it writes “Strenia”.

According to Fedyunina, with 58-year-old suspect Anatoly Zakharenko he and his companions were not friends, but knew each other. The company repeatedly went to him to fish on the pond.

“We had eight people. Iskander, Roma, Kozak with a mustache Oseledets (he “Defrocked” Callsign was previously), White — my partner (Belous), Finn — Donetsk guy Mamcenko — Forest, Moskalets remember… we are All volunteers, war veterans, including active military personnel. They were all my friends,” said the victim.

According to the man, he and his companions drank, “pot smoked all of it.” The fedyunin at the same time stressed that the conflict was not extortion. “I looked at what Blizzard launch across all channels, like, he is there for Russia and against the volunteers (ATO — anti-terrorist operation in Kiev until February 2018 called the use of force against the breakaway republics of Donbass — approx. “Of the”). (…) I have wrapped the ears, what brad wrote,” told the witness to a murder.

The fedyunin said that miraculously saved after Zakharenko killed his friend, who was with him in the same house: “a man shoots and runs away without turning, discharged, recharged, already runs out into the street, begins to unfold. I run after him, understand what he was going to unfold — and goodbye. He shot me or not, but the sound of the bullets do not remember. I ran from him into the darkness, it was all second.”

He added that Zakharanka was reloading his gun in seconds. As for the weapon, which the police found from the fishermen, then, according to Fedyunina, it remained in the cars, and at the murder scene appeared after the incident.

Earlier it was reported that the victims before the tragedy reminded the tenant of the pond it originated in Russia and was threatened with rape due to the fact that he filed a statement to the police on the police regularly extort money from him. According to the wife Zakharenko, the conflict broke out because of the words visitors that they fought in the Donbass, and he did not let their children into the army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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