The ballet teacher found out about her pregnancy two hours before birth


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A resident of the American city of Bloomington, Illinois, found out about her pregnancy just a couple of hours before delivery. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

23-year-old ballet teacher Kuah Lizzie (Lizzie Quah) described how in the night of 23 of June of last year she began having horrible spasms in the abdomen. Pain attributed to possible kidney stones, she asked her mother to take her to the emergency room. To the surprise of Lizzie, doctors first checked whether she is pregnant.

“It turned out I really did bear, and I was in labor. That night I became a mother,” she says. Two hours later, after she found out about her pregnancy, she gave birth to a daughter weighing 2.9 kg. The delivery was for Lizzie hard, both physically and psychologically.

“I did not do the epidural, since it was already too late. I was in excruciating pain, ‘ she recalls. — I had no idea who I will be — boy or girl, full-term baby or not, healthy or sick. I had to throw away all these thoughts during childbirth.” Everything else in the course of the survey, Americans revealed a number of serious diseases: placenta previa, a toxemia and preeclampsia.

In conversation with journalists Lizzie said that she had no typical pregnancy symptoms. Even the pain she experienced before birth, was no different from the sharp pains in the kidney stones. “Three years ago I have removed kidney stones, never have I been so hurt, she says. This time I felt a piercing pain in the lumbar region and lower abdomen. It seemed that someone pulled me out. It’s funny, because something like that happened!”

In 2019, it was reported that British Manchester, a woman unexpectedly gave birth to a child, although the pregnancy test was negative. 25-year-old Briton in the morning complained of nausea and pain in back and abdomen, in the evening of the same day the woman went to the bathroom and realized that giving birth.

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