The Hungarians will be a national treasure of Ukraine


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The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine handed over to the government of Hungary the draft Memorandum, designed to resolve the conflict between the countries that emerged due to the language issue. This was stated by the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, reports “Strenia”.

In the preliminary version of the document refers to the recognition of Hungarians in Ukraine and Ukrainians in Hungary the national heritage of both countries.

“Not a problem, and domain. I am proud that in Ukraine there is a Hungarian national minority,” — said Kuleba and added that the Ukrainian government does not hold information discrediting Hungarians in the country.

Along with the draft Memorandum of the Hungarian party received the invitation of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban to visit Ukraine at a convenient time.

In October of 2019, it was reported that Hungary blocked a Declaration of NATO’s support of Ukraine because of the oppression of the Ukrainian government of the Hungarian population. Peter Siyyarto said that his country was not prepared to sacrifice the fate of the 150 thousand who live in Ukraine, Hungarians for the sake of geopolitical interests.

In September 2017 the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on education, according to which in 2020 the whole process of learning in the country begins to move into the Ukrainian language. Against the adoption of the law made by Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Russia.

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