The leader in oil reserves was to sell her as the mysterious company


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Under the us sanctions Venezuela has started to sell its oil through a mysterious Mexican company Libre Abordo, which is a traditional market players do not know anything, according to Bloomberg.

For the first time about a suspicious oil trader started to say at the end of last year. To date, the company has become one of the largest buyers of Venezuelan oil, it contracts for 32 million barrels.

Nevertheless, the structure of the trader is the most mysterious. Its only the Manager and Director is 23-year-old Olga Maria Esparza Zepeda. Besides it, the company has one shareholder, and more, Libre Abordo has not the right one. No information about career and education Sepedi no, we only know that at age 15 she finished elementary school at the government training program for adults.

As shown by copies of the contracts, in exchange for supplies of corn and water tanks, the company received oil worth about $ 300 million.

Earlier it was reported that Venezuela has filed a lawsuit against the Bank of England demanding the return of the stored part of the Venezuelan gold reserves worth about a billion dollars. London refuses to hand over the gold because it did not recognize the legitimacy of the Maduro government.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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