The Prosecutor stood up for accused of the death of black police officers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Adam Bettcher / Reuters

Attorney Hennepin County Minneapolis city Michael Freeman stood up for the policemen accused in the death of black local resident George Floyd. His words, reports CNN.

Freeman explained that his job is to use established facts to prove the violation of the law. However, in business there is evidence that does not support criminal charges against police officers. “We need to examine all the evidence and come to a meaningful decision, and we do it to the best of their capabilities,” he concluded.

After some time, the Prosecutor’s office released a statement in which he noted that the word evidence was clause. They explained that they should carefully study to understand the full picture of what happened.

In connection with the death of Floyd in Minneapolis and several other U.S. cities, particularly Los Angeles, riots broke out against police brutality. The protesters are demanding the arrest of the four police officers involved in the arrest of 46-year-old black security guard.

May 25 police arrested Floyd on suspicion of the calculation of the fake cheque in the store, one of them a few minutes roughly kept the man on the pavement, crushing his knee. The detainee complained of pain and difficulty in breathing, he became ill several hours later he died in hospital. It was later revealed that the man had health problems. Police dismissed the case on possible violation of civil rights is investigating the FBI.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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