Working on udalenke the Russians were advised to stay home


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Katerina Evgeniev / “Kommersant”

Working on udalenke the Russians were advised to stay at home, despite the gradual removal of restrictions. With the recommendations made in the Federal service, transfers “Interfax”.

The head of the administration of Leningrad region Olga Historian encourages employers not to hurry with the withdrawal of the employees in the office. “If possible, you need as much as possible to keep their employees on this very remote work,” she insists. Now, according to the Historian, it is necessary “to divide the teams.”

Earlier it was reported that many Russian companies and industrial enterprises consider the possibility to leave for its employees to work remotely after completion of the pandemic coronavirus. In particular, this possibility is considered in “Rostelecom” and “Beeline”.

Mass migration to udalenku in the country occurred on the background introduced due to the spread of COVID-19 restrictions. Among the perspective areas of remote work, where can grow the number of vacancies, referred to as trade, Finance, insurance, and government services.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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