Became known to the person who said about the involvement of Golunova to sale of drugs


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The operative of the Moscow SIZO No. 3 Vladimir Matveev issued a certificate, a Memorandum on the possible involvement of the subscriber with the phone number of Ivan Golunova to the spread of drugs, subsequently, the security officer was dismissed from service. About this in his Telegram-channel, reports the edition chain, which became known the identity of said journalist.

Matveev in its help refers to the information allegedly received from the prisoner. This document was given to the head of Department on control over drug trafficking of the internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Moscow Igor Lyakhovets. He in his evidence stated that the certificate was delivered to him on 29 March 2019. Then the police started the development of Golunova. After the scandal with the illegal detention of the journalist and withdrawal charges operative jail Matveeva punished for violation of operational work in terms of interaction with sources of information: deprived of his awards, demoted and transferred to another prison in Moscow where subsequently fired. However, the father of operative denies dismissal of his son.

On confrontations arrested by police officers from the UVD po ZAO Matveev declared that any prisoner who alleged he provided information on Golunova, did not exist, and reference the Memorandum he issued at the request of the Lyakhovets. Meanwhile, sources told the publication that the prisoner is actually hidden, and its name was classified.

The second statement on the journalist came from the secret police units — the Operational-search Bureau of the Main Directorate of the interior Ministry in Moscow, which conducts covert investigative measures. His operatives Antoniuk and Sharygin reported to the police Department at JSC about the involvement of the subscriber with a phone number Golunova to the spread of drugs. They were also dismissed from service after acquittal from the journalist. Besides them, the office has lost the head of the Operational search Bureau Colonel Yuri Ivanovich Galkin. He now works in the hotel “Ukraine”.

Ivan Golunova was detained June 6, 2019 in Moscow, accused of attempted sale of drugs. Gross violations during his detention caused a public outcry. Activists gathered at the building of the Main Directorate of the interior Ministry in Moscow to demand the release of the reporter, many members of the media defended colleagues. June 11, 2019, the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has informed on closing of criminal case against the journalist and his release.

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