Dr. Myasnikov questioned the imminent advent of a vaccine against coronavirus


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The doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as Dr. butcher, doubted the imminent appearance of the vaccine for coronavirus, as clinical trials can last from three to five years. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel on Saturday, may 30.

According to Myasnikov, many countries have already developed drugs that cause persistent secretion of antibodies, however, there are some questions.

“As far as these antibodies provide immunity? How sustainable are they? If they could have a paradoxical effect (as has been in the development of vaccines against coronavirus in 2003)? And most important: how these vaccine preparations are safe for humans?!”, — the doctor wrote.

He said that vaccine development can be accelerated by testing it on a limited number of people, but to use new drugs to the whole population is dangerous. In this case the butchers did not rule out that during the development of the vaccine the need for it may diminish.

“With the coronavirus done this before. While I developed and tested a vaccine against SARS and MERS, the disease is gone and the need for the vaccine was no longer alone,” concluded the doctor.

Previously, the CPS said the principle of penalties for non-vaccination: vaccination will be mandatory only for people whose work is connected with high risk of exposure to communicable diseases and demands obligatory carrying out preventive vaccinations. In particular, we are talking about the interaction with the biological liquids of human and animal care.

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