In Belarus, said about the third wave of coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

In Belarus simultaneously develop the three independent wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus. This was stated by a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Pavel Grinchuk, reports

According to him, the most intense of them is recorded in the Minsk and Vitebsk. The second wave, which began much later, in other major Belarusian cities. The development of the situation last week suggests that there is a third wave in small towns and rural areas, he added.

“The imposition of such waves adequately describes the situation. Have read a lot of reviews that the official statistics does not correspond to reality. We have not developed such an opinion. The simulation shows that it can be explained without conspiracy theories,” — said Grinchuk about held jointly with doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Sergey Fisenko research.

According to them, if the hypothesis about the three waves is correct, then the decrease in the level of infection up to 100 new cases a day could occur in the country since July 20.

Belarus has not imposed strict quarantine restrictions to combat the coronavirus. Officials attribute this to economic reasons. According to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, people need to work and to escape from the crisis, “as soon as possible.” He noted that the decision not to impose a quarantine was correct, because rich Western countries already faced with the “wild unemployment” where people “Bang on pots”.

According to the latest data, in Belarus, the coronavirus has infected 40 764, 224 died 17 390 patients recovered.

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