Named a way to facilitate life in Russia in the era of postpandemic


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Online services delivery will help to make life in Russia more comfortable in the era of postpandemic coronavirus, the General Director “Infolayn-analysis”, the economist Mikhail Burmistrov. He said this “”.

Burmistrov drew attention to the fact that the delivery service received a boost of development with the beginning of the pandemic and the introduction of restrictive measures, under which certain categories of citizens, particularly pensioners, banned including going to the shops. For seniors these restrictions will continue, the expert reminded, in this connection, they can help services.

Also, this way can ease your life, for example, mothers with young children who are ill and those who live in houses without a lift. “For them to deliver — a more attractive alternative than going to a store or restaurant,” said Burmistrov.

Head of laboratory of biotechnology and Virology of the Novosibirsk state University, Professor, corresponding member of RAS Sergey Netesov earlier in may stated that the probability to be infected by the coronavirus via the service is quite low. He expressed confidence that in working on the delivery of restaurants and cafes to observe sanitary rules, “and even more especially don’t sneeze on the food.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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