Police fired on an American journalist during protests


www.vsyako.netPhotos: WAVE 3 News

American journalist Kathleen Rast, the police fired “pepper balls” during protests in Louisville after the murder of a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd. It is reported by WAVE 3 News.

During the protests seven civilians received injuries of varying severity, two policemen were hospitalized.

Machine cast and crew of TV station WAVE 3 News was also damaged.

The protesters demanded to take action against three police officers associated with the death in March of this year Briony Taylor, who was shot to death at home. Law enforcement officers broke into her home without warning to warrant a no-knock.

Racial issues in the United States the most deteriorated after the high profile death of Floyd as a result of actions of police officers. So, in Minneapolis, held mass protests in which participants set fire to the building of a major Bank Wells Fargo.

46-year-old security guard, George Floyd was arrested may 25, near a grocery store after he allegedly paid there’s a fake cheque. The police dragged him out of the car and laid on the pavement, one of them roughly crushed citizen with his knee, and he does not resist and began to complain that he can’t breathe. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly thereafter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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