Pregnant Russian woman had to give birth in the street

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In the Nizhny Novgorod region of a pregnant resident of the city of Dzerzhinsk had to give birth in the street. On Saturday, may 30, said the head of the regional Ministry of health David Melik-Guseinov in his Instagram account.

The incident occurred the night before. The head of the regional Ministry of health wrote that arrived on the scene, the ambulance crew found on the pavement a girl with a newborn baby. Melik-Huseynov also noted that the incident started checking. “The woman and the child are in satisfactory condition”, — he explained and added that ambulance staff took both the city perinatal center.

According to the chief physician of GBUZ BUT “emergency Hospital” Michael Gutkin, the car arrived at the scene after 20 minutes after the call. The witnesses to the events denied this information and said that there was no physicians about an hour. In addition, upon arrival they began to be rude in response to the criticism and later said that I can go to work on, if their help is no longer needed.

“Mother was lying on the pavement, the doctors gave up on her completely”, — told the witnesses, and then added that the victim bore “in the pants”.

The chief doctor of the perinatal center of Dzerzhinsky Hope Ryzhov said that the mother does not live in this town and that, except for copies of passports were not in possession of any identity documents when she started the fight.

28 may it was reported that in the town of Nevel Pskov region paramedic with COVID-19 to 26 week of pregnancy had to “go through all the circles of hell”, because the four hospitals it blew. The patient entered the COVID center in the state of moderate severity, after which she went into asphyxia. She has done cesarean section, the child was still alive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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