Prigogine said about the right of artists to claim the money from the state


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Music producer Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that the artists who throughout his creative activity pay taxes, have every right to demand that the state back for their investment. He commented, “Evening Moscow” reports that the number of stars of the Russian show-business was filed in the Federal tax documents with the aim of obtaining state support for their companies.

“Did the right thing, that appealed. I repeat again that I personally pay taxes as a sole proprietorship. All this can be checked,” — said Prigogine, noting that the investment in the Treasury money give him the right, as well as other public personalities, to apply to the state and demand their money.

“But the state we are not caressing, it takes individual preferences, and television lives by its own laws,” complained the producer. He added that the state pays for performances at official events because they are free.

Prigogine proposed that the representatives of creative professions to create an independent Fund that would help artists in crisis situations. “But this Foundation must be immovable, that is, no one can squander aimlessly funds for their needs, the money in any case should not settle in someone’s pockets,” — said Prigogine.

Previously the producer told about the plight of artists during a pandemic coronavirus. He was convicted singer Sergei Shnurov and dedicated his obscene poem.

Prigogine has promised that his meeting with Shnurov “will end, not exactly a handshake,” and also demanded the artist’s apology to his wife. Later Cords summarized the dispute by saying that most Russian artists is not aimed at the listener, and people who allocate budgetary money. “Explain the concept: if you “star”, and your “producer” with relationships, the basic checkout you do not concerts for the tickets, and all sorts of “town days”. For their money on these “show” no go,” explained the musician.

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