“Roscosmos” called $ 4 billion from NASA “was found on the street with a coin”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: NASA / Wikimedia

Executive Director of the Roscosmos manned space programs Sergey Krikalev in an interview with NTV compared the profit that the Corporation received from the sale of NASA on the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz”, with “found on the street a coin”, reports TASS.

According to him, the “additional profit”, which “Rosatom” received from NASA, sooner or later had to end. “It is therefore unfair to say that we’ll lose out,” said Krikalev.

In may, the head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev said that the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon crew to the International space station (ISS) will deal a severe blow to “Roscosmos”, which will lose the orders from NASA for “Unions” of 300-500 million dollars annually.

According to the Management report of the chief inspector, published in November 2019, NASA of the 70 seats for the astronauts on “the Unions” paid “Roscosmos” about $ 4 billion.

Since 2011, people are delivered to the ISS only Russian “the Unions”. The corresponding contract between NASA and Roscosmos is completed in 2020, when the ISS Crew needs to fly Dragon epipage.

According to sources, the open part of the budget of Roskosmos for the year 2020 is 176 billion (or 2.38 billion), and the basic income Rocket-space Corporation “Energy” producing manned “Unions”, we have to sell seats to NASA.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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